We are about making car ownership accessible, simple and delightful

In a country where four wheels fuel dreams, less than two per cent of young Indians are satisfied with the used car experience. Our goal is for the country to trust our method, believe in and enjoy our cars. In this way we aim to propel a billion dreams.

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20,000+ happy customers, here's what one has to say

Weekends are for getting out there and letting off steam. Thanks to Spinny, our Jeep Compass has brought us closer as a family, enriched our memories and photo feeds. And Monday doesn't seem so daunting anymore. Neha Singh, Assitant Manager, Bengaluru

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Our cars are the reason we are in business and will be why we continue to exist and attract customers. Quality at every touchpoint for our customers, is just as important to us for we are a service-first brand.

Transparency & Accountability

It brings trust. Laying bare every available fact about our car at our hubs, after our stringest vetting process, reassures customers. A range of industry- first offerings including Carzkart Assured® mean that we are not just in the pre-owned car business, but in the business of growing and building relationships with our customers.

Personalized Experience

Every customer is unique: each demands different things from a set of four wheels. That's why our inventory is varied and the people you meet in your interaction with Spinny are trained to listen first and at length, then make recommendations

Squad Carzkart

Our team is our beating heart. Each member of our squad intrinsically believes in what brand Spinny stands for and does. It's a case of mission meets vision meets highly motivated squad, each of whom understand that the needs and aspirations of every customer are unique.

This mindset helps us attract and retain the best talent - whether on our shop floors, our workshops, or as our ambassadors before the car-buying customers.


The Spinny badge runs deep. With transparency, integrity, focus on quality and genuine car love. Working of Carzkart means a high degree of autonomy, the freedom to make one's own decisions, and a decidedly non-hierarchical structure. Everyone knows what they're doing,, enjoy their work and as luck would have it, love what they're doing, enjoy their work and as luck would have it, love what they've doing-driving a billon dreams.

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